The mission of the Indira. book club is to encourage individuals to read/listen to material that will enlighten them in many different aspects of life. The usage of different kinds of genres and authors will create discussion and provide an opportunity to meet new people and understand different perspectives. We will take a vote each month on what material we will go over for the next month to create a sense of togetherness. In every meeting we will always have discussions and activities related to the material.

The Indira. book club will meet the third Saturday of every month (unless discussed otherwise) at a location that will be announced 2 weeks prior. For those that will not be able to physically attend the book club, we do have a virtual line that you’d be able to tune into and join the conversation*.

At every meeting food and refreshments will be served.

The Indira. book club is free to join with a suggested donation of however much you feel. Participation is key to a successful book club; therefore members must attend 7 out of 12 discussions per calendar year. If you join after the calendar year begins, your attendance requirement will be adjusted so that you must attend at least 58% of discussions for the remainder of the calendar year. A sign in sheet will be provided at each meeting for tracking attendance. If for any reason you are no longer able or want to participate in book club, please let me know so that I may open your spot to another interested patron.


All books and material that we will go over will always be under $20 and can be purchased on Amazon or any major book store.


*Please download the Zoom app to join virtually.

*Please download the WhatsApp app to be apart of any conversation in real time.

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